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How Do I Get Started Playing Hockey?

In order to play ice hockey, the first step is to enroll in the Ice Den's Learn to Skate class called Pre-Hockey. To be eligible for this, your child must be age 4 or older and be able to skate across the ice, unattended, in hockey skates. Pre-Hockey 1 is a six week “learn to skate” class.

There are 3 levels of Pre-Hockey. (PH1, PH2 and PH3). The hockey curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey skating. In 3 badge levels, skaters will learn to maneuver faster and be more agile on the ice. All elements in Pre-Hockey 1 & 2 will be taught without a stick or puck as proper skating techniques are the primary focus of these levels. In Pre-Hockey 3, skaters will be required to bring a stick. After completing Pre-Hockey 3, skaters advance into the Coyotes Amateur Hockey Associations (CAHA) Initiation Program (IP). The IP class designed to learn all of the pertinent information and skills needed to play the game of hockey and allow the individual to have fun and enjoy the game of hockey for years to come.

Each child’s skating ability is evaluated and could pass through all three levels during the course of one session or they could end up taking each level twice. All children progress at different rates and it is really up to the individual how quickly they move along. We strongly encourage skaters to practice their skating skills during our public skating sessions, between their skating classes. We also recommend skaters purchase their own hockey skates for consistent fitting, support and edge quality. Classes are combined for all age levels.

Equipment Requirements:

For admission into Pre-Hockey 1 & 2, all skaters must have:
  • hockey skates (rental or skater’s own)
  • certified hockey helmet (mandatory)
For admission into Pre-Hockey 3, all skaters must have:
  • hockey skates (rental or skater’s own)
  • certified hockey helmet
  • hockey gloves
  • hockey stick

After graduating to the IP program, players will need a complete set of hockey equipment.


In addition, please know that the staff at Coyotes Ice Sports can properly fit your child to ensure the gear is appropriate for your child. Coyotes Ice Sports also has a wide selection of gear to fit anyone’s budget.