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Jr. Coyotes Elite Tier 1 Elite Hockey 

The Jr. Coyotes Elite AAA Program is proud to announce our Head Coaching Staff and Teams that will be competing during the 2015-2016 travel hockey season. The majority of these teams will participate in the Tier 1 Elite League. Each Head Coach will name their selected Assistant Coach(es) at a date prior to the start of the season.

Please click here for tryout information, a complete tryout schedule and to register online.

2015-2016 Jr. Coyotes Elite AAA Program

U18 Midget: Mike Vukonich, Head Coach
U16 Midget: Shawn McCosh, Head Coach
U15 Midget 2000: Jamie Ram, Head Coach
U14 Bantam 2001: Brendan Shaw, Head Coach / Jason Wright, Associate Coach
U13 Bantam 2002: Steve Potvin, Head Coach / Marc Fritsche, Associate Coach
U12 PeeWee 2003: Steve Potvin, Head Coach
U11 Peewee 2004: Jason Wright, Head Coach
U10 Squirt 2005: Mike De Angelis, Head Coach
U9 Squirt 2006: Marc Fritsche, Head Coach / Gary Ihling, Associate Coach
U8 Mite 2007: Tony Radke, Head CoachPetr Chytka, Associate Coach
U7 Mite 2008: Tony Radke, Head Coach



U18 Midget AA Head Coach Jeff Shevalier - Chandler
Jeff Shevalier

2001 Bantam Head Coach Kirk Bolduc - Chandler

2002 Bantam Head Coach Kirk Bolduc - Chandler

2003 Peewee Co-Coach Dillon Shaffer / 2003 Peewee Co-Coach Jeff Alexander - Chandler

2004 Peewee Head Coach Tyler Besch - Chandler

2005 Squirt Head Coach Dillon Shaffer - Chandler

2006 Squirt Head Coach Scott Shafer - Chandler

2007 Mite Head Coach Kenny Corupe - Chandler


2001 Bantam Head Coach John Allen - Scottsdale
John Allen

2002 Bantam Co-Coach Derek Morris / 2002 Bantam Co-Coach Steve Sullivan - Scottsdale
Derek Morris        Steve Sullivan

2003 Peewee Head Coach Dave Willcoxson - Scottsdale
Dave Willcoxson

2004 Peewee Co-Coach Ray Whitney / 2004 Peewee Co-Coach Chris Ihling - Scottsdale
Chris Ihling            Ray Whitney

2005 Squirt Head Coach Brad McCaughey - Scottsdale
Brad McCaughey

2006 Squirt Head Coach Bobby Chan - Scottsdale
Bobby Chan


Jr. Coyotes Elite AAA and CAHA AA Development tryouts will be held at both the Ice Den Scottsdale and Ice Den Chandler. Please carefully review the Tryout schedule for dates, locations and ice times. 

To register in person, please download the Registration Form and present it with payment at either Administration Desk. For players who advance after the 2-session guarantee, no additional fees will be due. 

To REGISTER ONLINE please select: 15-16 AAA/AA TRYOUTS from the program choices. 

2015-16 Jr. Coyotes Elite AAA/CAHA Development AA Tryout Schedule

Jr. Coyotes Tryout Information Scottsdale


Please view the Spring Training Tournament schedule below.  Games will be held May 8th – 10th at Ice Den Scottsdale and Ice Den Chandler. 
All Spring Training Teams will participate:

The Coyotes Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) would like to announce our 2015 Pre-Tryout Camp/Spring Training AA program for the upcoming spring youth hockey season at Ice Den Scottsdale and Ice Den Chandler. This program will begin April 12th and will run until May 20th/ 21st. Players will skate three (3) times a week participating in an exciting, fun and development-focused format.
Any Jr. Coyotes/CAHA players who were members of one of our teams during the 2014-2015 season, are eligible and required to register for their age group at their current home rink.  You can download the registration form by clicking the link below, complete it, and turn it in at the Admin Desk with payment at your designated rink.  Players who participated on Chandler based teams, will be eligible to sign up at their birth year sessions at Chandler, and players on teams in Scottsdale are eligible and required to register for that facility. Please be assured that there will be opportunities for players to request drop-in participation with teams in the other facility. There will be an application process which will require the named head coach and/or CAHA AA Director Kenny Corupe to approve the drop-in request.  
For those skaters who are currently playing for another association in town and want to join us for the spring, please download the registration form (click link below) and submit completed form via email to Coach Corupe for ’sign-off’ approval. Please do not wait, as roster slots are limited and will be filled based on availability!

Please note, that completing the registration form does not guarantee participation.  Approval from Coach Corupe must be received prior to fully processing your  registration and payment at the Admin Desk at the rink.
The program format will be organized similar to the Athlete’s Resource AAA Spring Program (Ice Den Scottsdale) with shared sessions each week for 3x3 cross-games, skill session and a game. Full-time participants will be given a new CAHA spring jersey at the first session. Attendees, who have conflicts on spring sessions, can choose to pay the drop-in fee, or a pro-rated drop-in amount.  The registration fee for the program will be $475 per player.  For the Midget registrations, the registration fee will be $575, as they do not share ice.
At Chandler, the sessions will be scheduled on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Sunday’s. At Ice Den Scottsdale, the sessions will be held on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. There is a chance that additional days and schedule adjustments are made to ensure the full program schedule.  Complete team schedules will be posted on online prior to the start of training camp.
Our goal will be to continue to have players develop and have fun during the casual spring hockey months, while preparing for the 2015-2016 Jr. Coyotes AAA
and CAHA AA tryouts.
Please be advised: The Athlete’s Resource (AR) AAA spring teams training is by invitation only.   Coaches are currently forming their teams, please watch for announcements from AR in the next few days.
We are pleased to announce our 2015 spring coaches:

CAHA AA -  Chandler
Midget U16 - Dave Marsh
(3 full slots weekly)

Bantam 2001 - Kirk Bolduc

Bantam 2002 - Kirk Bolduc

PeeWee 2003
Dillon Shaffer/Jeff Alexander

PeeWee 2004 - Brian Parson

Squirt 2005 - Dillon Shaffer

Squirt 2006 - Scott Shafer

Mite 2007 - Kenny Corupe

Mite 2008 - TBA Soon!
CAHA AA -  Scottsdale
Midget U15 AAA (00)
Jamie Ram
(3 full slots weekly)

Bantam 2001- John Allen

Bantam 2002 - Derek Morris

PeeWee 2003 - Dave Willcoxson

PeeWee 2004
Ray Whitney/Chris Ihling

Squirt 2005 - Brad McCaughey

Squirt 2006 - Bobby Chan



Here's to having a fantastic Spring Training Camp!

Kenny Corupe, Director AA Travel Hockey - Scottsdale/Chandler

Kristy Aguirre, CAHA/Jr. Coyotes Administrative Manager



League standings, statistics, rosters and league updates are posted daily and are available online via Pointstreak, the Ice Den’s fully automated scorekeeping system.

Pointstreak is a new, fully automated scorekeeping and stats system that has been recently purchased by the Ice Den. It eliminates the old paper scoresheets as scorekeepers use the Pointstreak touchscreen to track the games. In addition, the system generates pre-printed scoresheets based on the official league rosters approved by the league staff. It also serves as the on-line membership tool. CAHL members simply click on their divisional link and instantly enjoy access to team and divisional schedules, standings, team records, scoring leaders and more.


The Jr. Coyotes Travel Council consists of one voting member from each Jr. Coyotes/CAHA team. The purpose of this group is to manage all the business affairs of the Jr. Coyotes/CAHA travel program and ensure consistency throughout the program. We discuss various topics in relation to our program and set a path for the future. The council meets bi-monthly and requires active participation from each team.



The home facility for the She Wolves is the state-of-the-art Ice Den, located in north Scottsdale. More than just an ice rink, the Ice Den was proclaimed by USA Today as a ‘Top 10’ rink the nation and Arizona Republic claimed it as the “Best Place in the Valley for Hockey”.