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Ladies hockey dates back to the 1890s and was started in Ottawa, Ontario. Lord Stanley's daughter Isobel Stanley was amongst the beginning pioneers of ladies hockey. Back in those days, Ladies wore long skirts that hung all the way down to their ankles. During the 1900's, when the ladies fell on the ice, the male ref's were inclined to help the women up.

Over the years there were many ups and downs in ladies hockey. During the Depression and through the World Wars, the popularity of ladies hockey declined.Although there were teams that flourished during those years, the popularity didn't really start booming again until the 1960's. Teams were forming not only in North America but Asia and Europe as well.

By the 1990's , Women's hockey became more popular at higher levels. All around the world, women were playing at a higher calibre than ever before. In the 90's heroes such as Cammi Granato and Manon Rheume were influential and inspirational for women in the hockey sector. Manon Rheume became the first woman to play as a goalie in an NHL exhibition game.

Today ladies hockey has spread like wildfire. World wide women and girls are competing at all levels. From the trailblazers on the frozen ponds over 120 years ago to the women warriors today, ladies hockey has set the hockey world on fire.


ICE DEN – HOME Facility OF THE She wolves

The home facility for the She Wolves is the state-of-the-art Ice Den, located in north Scottsdale. More than just an ice rink, the Ice Den was proclaimed by USA Today as a ‘Top 10’ rink the nation and Arizona Republic claimed it as the “Best Place in the Valley for Hockey”.

Let Ed & Ned help You Learn The Game

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